Access Control

Access Control enables businesses to better secure and manage their security and business infrastructures. Access control allows streamlined integration opportunities with video surveillance, visitor management, ID badges, parking lot gate control, and building control systems.


Access Control and biometrics allow you to gather accurate metrics on how your facility is being utilized. A proper access control system will identify who used their card to enter and when, while also indicating how long the door was open. With the use of biometrics (finger, iris or facial recognition) you are assured of an absolute accounting for each individual that gained access. If a card is lost or stolen, it can be deleted from the system remotely, while a lost key would require the lock to be changed out. Access control/biometrics deliver maximum protection, versatile security, peace of mind, and safety for employees and visitors. These platforms are very cost-effective and easy to use. We have installed these in many different vertical markets from aerospace, healthcare, government, colleges, universities, retail, and correctional facilities. From hardware systems to complex access systems, we have the experience and expertise.

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