Welcome to HEI Security


HEI Security is a national systems integrator providing a wide array of security and life safety solutions that help deliver your business outcomes for mitigating risk, meeting compliance and controlling overall operational costs throughout the building’s life cycle. Our customized service strategies help protect your investment and ensure that your systems work on demand and as designed.




Access Control

We provide integrated access control technologies.

Video Surveillance

We help you keep a close eye on your business.

Fire and Life safety

We provide a full line of fire and life safety equipment and solutions.

IT Solutions / Network Infrastructure

We work with top NASDAQ enterprises with the highest network security standards.

A/v (audio visual)

We provide audio/visual solutions for integration into your security platform.

intrusion Detection systems

We provide seamless integrated intrusion detection solutions.

barrier and control systems

We help businesses manage the movement of people.

communication systems

We help create safe environments for employees.

service strategies

We provide a cohesive mix of two disciplines: Security Engineering + Information Technology.

We are here to support you